VKernel Optimization Pack 2.1 ist erschienen

VKernel hat sein “Optimization Pack” auf Version 2.1 geupdatet, welches nun auch die VKernel Management Suite Version 2.2 unterstützt.
Hier eine Übersicht der Erneuerungen:  VKernel

Version 2.1

Optimization Pack 2.1 was released as part of the 2.2 upgrade to the Capacity Management Suite. New features in Optimization Pack 2.1 include:

  • Visibility into RDMs for storage rightsizing calculations and wastefinding is now enabled
  • VKernel Optimization PackTM can be navigated through synchronized vCenter folders
  • Universal exclusion of datastore folders in Wastefinder
  • Rightsizer splits into over/under provisioned reports
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